Gypsum Ceiling Boards


Gypsum ceiling boards play several roles in buildings. These roles are covered by the type of ceiling board used. Fundi Interior systems stock regular gypsum board, fire resistant board, moisture resistant board, sound absorbent boards as well as some other speciality boards used for their strength.

Some of our associated products stocked include main tees, cross tees and angles to complete your entire ceiling grid. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best local and imported products.
Our Products

Some of our most prominent products include:

– White Exposed Main and Cross Tees
– White Angles for Ceiling Grid
– Galvanized Screw Up Main and Cross Tees
– Wooden and Steel Brandering
– Angles
– Gypsum Ceiling Boards
– Ceiling Tiles
– Decorative Cornice
– Ceiling Insulation
Other Products

In addition to these products, we have access to products not mentioned here. So if you have something special in mind, please contact us and we will try to supply you with the item you’re looking for.

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