Jointing and Finishing Plasters


Jointing plasters are used on gypsum boards to fill the gaps between boards and create a strong smooth join between them. Finishing plasters are used on ceilings to create a smooth and even finish. They are specially formulated for quick drying and setting in order to complete smaller jobs in a single day.
Why Use Jointing and Finishing Plasters?

Jointing and finishing plasters are designed to specifically give interiors a unique and polished look. So if you want something that has a unique appearance then these items are the ones you should be looking for.
Our Products

Our jointing and finishing plasters are designed to have a very appealing appearance. You can install them anywhere in your home, and they can improve how it looks, particularly its various walls. You can even use them alongside other types of plasters in order to make your rooms more interesting to look at.

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