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Fundi Interior Systems is a supplier and stockist of ceiling and drywall partitioning systems and products. We are one of the leading suppliers of ceilings and drywall partitioning in our community. We provide the best service and offer a wide variety of products and associated products at competitive prices.

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1. Gypsum Boards

Fundi Interior Systems supply a wide range of gypsum boards including, 6mm and 9mmm boards commonly used for ceilings, 12mm and 15mm boards used for drywall partitioning. We also stock specialty gypsum boards for fire protection, moisture resistance and sound insulation.

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2. Ceiling Tiles

Vinyl clad gypsum and acoustic ceiling tiles are popular not only for their appearance, but also for their sound insulation and fire protection properties. Thanks to these properties, these kinds of tiles are widely used in hospital and office buildings. However, they can also be installed in ordinary homes and other buildings.

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3. Ceiling Grids

Ceiling grid is used to build the framework for your ceiling’s tiles or gypsum boards. We stock various ceiling grids including wooden brandering, steel brandering as well as main and cross tees.

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4. Steel Studs

Steel studs and tracks are the materials used to build the framework for drywall partitioning. Once constructed gypsum boards are fixed to the framework to create the wall. They can also be used for building bulkheads.

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5. Finishing Plasters

Jointing plasters are used on gypsum boards to fill the joints between boards and create a strong smooth surface between them. Finishing plasters are used on ceilings to create a smooth and even finish. They are specially formulated for quick drying and setting in order to complete smaller jobs in a single day.

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Why Buy Our Products?

We offer the most comprehensive set of products for your home or office building and renovation needs. Our tracks, tees, tiles, boards and plasters are made from among the best materials on the market, but are still affordable for most people who are on a budget.

So if you need to install new ceilings or partitions in either your home or business establishment, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will provide you with the right materials needed to make your project complete.

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